Insurance Chatbots: A New Era of Customer Service in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Chatbot Examples: 5 Innovative Use Cases Pavlok

insurance chatbot examples

Changing the address on a policy or adding a new car to it takes just a few minutes when a chatbot process the information. The less time you spend on fulfilling your client’s needs, the more requests you can manage. Insurance companies can also use intelligent automation tools, which combines RPA with AI technologies such as OCR and chatbots for end-to-end process automation. Inbenta is a conversational experience platform offering a chatbot among other features. It uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to handle transactions, bookings, meetings, and order modifications. When integrated with your business toolkit, a chatbot can facilitate the entire policy management cycle.

insurance chatbot examples

See what benefits an AI-based chatbot can bring to policyholders and insurers, what challenges are hidden inside, and how to manage them during the implementation. Its chatbot asks users a sequence of clarifying questions to help them find the right insurance policy based on their needs. The bot is powered by natural language processing and machine learning technologies that makes it possible for it to process not only text messages but also pictures (e.g. photos of license plates). Sensely’s services are built upon using a chatbot to increase patient engagement, assess health risks, monitor chronic conditions, check symptoms, etc. Every time a customer needs help, they turn to Sensely’s virtual assistant.


Providing answers to policyholders is a leading insurance chatbot use case. Bots can be fed with the information on companies’ insurance policies as common issues and integrate the same with an insurance knowledge base. 80% or more of inbound queries received by insurance chatbots are routine queries or FAQs. An insurance chatbot can seamlessly resolve these queries end-to-end, while redirecting the remaining 20% of complex queries to human agents. This human + AI approach to customer care is highly beneficial to insurance brands in a number of ways.

The transformative power of generative AI in the insurance industry … – Lexology

The transformative power of generative AI in the insurance industry ….

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Upgrading existing customers or offering complementary products to them are the two most effective strategies to increase business profits with no extra investment. Now imagine whenever you have to connect with a company for any issue or a query you are able to message them to get a response. Customer service Chatbots can respond to most of the queries instantaneously and whenever it is not able to answer, someone from the company can respond to those messages.

Best Tools for Creating Insurance Chatbots

Good customer service implies high customer satisfaction[1] and high customer retention rates. Let’s say a client asks an insurance chatbot about their car insurance policy. The chatbot should be able to understand the question and provide the client insurance chatbot examples with the relevant information. For example, Metromile, an American car insurance company, used a chatbot called AVA to process and verify claims. SWICA, a health insurance company, has built a very sophisticated chatbot for customer service.

As AI and Machine Learning become mainstream, the insurance industry will witness numerous functions and activities it can automate via advanced chatbot technology. The former would have questions about their existing policies, customer feedback, premium deadlines, etc. In this case, your one-for-all support approach will take a backseat while your agents will take extra efforts to access the customer profile to give them answers. You can integrate your chatbot with the CRM and learning models that help AI guess what is the most appealing product for the customer.

Sensely – health insurance chatbot

AXA Chat asks the user what they need help with, offers explanations of difficult topics and links relevant pages. Or you can have your chatbot automatically send a survey insurance chatbot examples through email or directly in the chat box after the conversation ends. You can even have your chatbot send forms and downloadable content directly within the chat.


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